Beach cleaning machine

"Roller-Cat" beach cleaning machine

The beach-cleaning machine ROLLER CAT is the perfect answer to the problems of keeping beaches clean. It has been specially designed to remove every kind of marine deposit or human refuse. Its power and ease of manoeuvre make it ideal for every kind of job on the beach, from towing boats to transporting deckchairs and sunshades or flattening out small dunes.


Beach cleaning

This can be carried out setting comfortably in the driving-seal and thanks to the special type of hydraulic transmission you can modify the speed and the towing power. Besides you may make the machine revolve or turn on one wheel.


Cleaning in depth or at beginning of the season

By varying the frequency of the beats of the sieve and the depth of penetration into the sand, it is possible to eliminate marine deposits or human refuse in depth.


Everyday cleaning

When the lower level of sand under the surface has been satisfactorily dealt with, it is only necessary to remove the refuse left by customers each day. This can be done in a very brief space of time by reducing the depth of penetration and increasing the speed of the machine.


Other uses on the reach

Small dunes can be flattened out, and subsidence filled in, by bringing into operation the hydraulic cylinder of the sieve. The machine can also be used tow all kinds of boats or transport sunshades and deckchairs. There is a book at the back which can be used to attach normal trailers or the special one that is supplied as an optional extra.


Beach hygiene

The patented movement of the sieve brings the lower levels of sand up to the surface, thus exposing them to the positive effects to the ultra-violet rays of the sun. The machine can also be supplied with a sprayer that sprays disinfectant on the sand while sifting it.



Optional Extras

  • Suspension with rear wheel, for transport on roads.
  • Sprayer, for disinfecting the beach and bathing-huts.
  • Loading platform for the transport of beach equipment.
  • Read light that can be turned in any direction, for working at night


Tecnical features

  • ENGINE: Three-cylinders 26 HP diesel with electric starting and recharger.
  • BATTERY: 12 volts - 80 ampere/hour
  • TYRES: 31x15.50-15
  • SIEVE WIDTH: 1,500 mm.
  • MAX LENGHT: 2,900 mm.
  • MAX WIDTH: 1,555 mm.
  • DRY WEIGHT: 800 Kg.
  • MAX WORKING SPEED: 15,000 square meters/hour.


We reserve to modify technical characteristics and specifications without forewarning.