Special machine tools

Atema produces customizable machine tools designed for the industrial process. 

Below, we show some example of machine tools that we already made for industries.

Transfert circular machine at 6 stations


Operations: perforation, boring, milling, threadind;

Particular: aluminium body pump  for the motor engine (Fiat Ducato and another);

Cycle time: 33 seconds;

Special 7 axes machine


Operations: perforation, boring, soft threadind;

Controlled axes:

  • x, y, z, w - with numerical control;
  • a, b - rotation with PLC;
  • g - with PLC;

Working area: 3500 x 2000 x 400 mm;

Automatic line for fitting and assembly pallets


Operations: automatic feeding, complete assembly, running, control 100% of stress-strain characteristic;

Particular tooled: shock absorbers for washing machines;

Production: 450 pieces per hour.

Automatic 6 stations assembly machine


Operations: installation of:

  • 2 ring spacer,
  • 29 rolls,
  • external track,
  • rings for locking,
  • recovery games;

Particular tooled: tulipe joint for car engines.

M.U. loader with numerical control


Operation: taking steering rack, of different diameter and length, from standard box.

Automatic line for feed 5 stations presses


Operations: powder dosing, transportation on presses and their feed, taking the finished piece and its transfer to the warehouse;

Particular: thermoset resin toilet seat; termoindurente;

Production: 80 pieces per hour.